Who is Joseph Burcaw aka “Bearclaw” you may ask? A bass player, performer, educator, writer, composer, band leader, and music enthusiast who supports and influences those musicians he interacts with on a consistent basis. He is intuitively melodic, seriously syncopated, skillfully expressive and exciting to watch live. Although his musical training is extensive, he is best described as a “feel player” who supports & anchors any musical situation he participates in.

     He held the bass chair position with Irish rockers BLACK 47 for close to a decade. Now with B47 having retired for good in 2014, he remains grounded in the now with optimism and growth. His soon to be completed ambient solo bass album “Dream Nation” is slated for a late 2015 release, on top of various other projects such as his Steely Dan inspired band, Mascot’s Distance & Jimi Hendrix Tribute Band, #JimiForever. Music is an artistic expression of one’s internal desire to progress, Bearclaw is a prime example of one of those individuals who refuses to remain stagnant, but current and relevant in today’s stale, generic musical climate. signature